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Ghost righter 6 desember 2019

My editor was thorough

My editor was thorough, exacting and gave very diligent and insightful feedback that tremendously enhanced the quality of my manuscript. I will certainly be utilizing this service again and recommend it without reservation.

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Jan Mikael Lundmark 5 desember 2019

Quick and good feedback

Quick and good feedback. Works well for legal texts dealing with complex legal areas.

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Robert Lefevre 5 desember 2019

Maintain your objectivity

It is important for another set of eyes to look at your important work in order to maintain objectivity and ensure positive outcomes. Your friends may spare your feelings, and your professor may not have the time. Do yourself a solid and pay a professional to provide you with the services you need and the peace of mind you require. I could not be happier with Kate at Scribbr. She did an impeccable job with my work. My masters project was accepted and approved by my school in 4 days, rather than the average 14 days.

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Nicole 4 desember 2019

Excellent :)

Excellent :) Scribbr really gets my work done. I wrote in a personal note on how I wanted my statements to be engaging and strong, and the editors really did a great job of tailoring my statement. I subscribed to another app that corrects grammar and they also provide human proofreading service, but I was so disappointed about it; it costs less than Scribbr, but they almost didn't correct anything. The money should be well spent anyway, and I would definitely recommend Scribbr.

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Theresa 4 desember 2019

Amazing customer service, but mistakes happen

I had a really nice experience working with Scribbr to help with proofreading and editing my Extended Essay (it helped especially because I am not a native speaker). Really promptly after I submitted my order, customer service called me (as well as e-mailed) to clarify questions regarding the essay and to make sure I don't have the wrong expectations (eg. they cannot cut words). The lady I was speaking to was very friendly. Every e-mail I sent was answered quickly. The only problem was that, on the day of the deadline (it was supposed to be three days ending on Wednesday 5pm) I get an e-mail saying that the editor had Hardware problems and that my edited document cannot be accessed anymore. They said they could try and find an alternative editor, who would be able to send it the same day by 11pm. They also offered instead to refund me the amount I paid for the proofreading. In the end it was compromised that they would find me an alternative editor and would refund me 20% of what I paid to make up for my troubles (as I was pressed for time). I actually received the document before the newly agreed to deadline (at 6 instead of 11pm). The edits seem very competent and are explained clearly. Huge thanks to Richard for editing it so extensively in such a short amount of time. I would rather give a "Very Good" instead of just good, but excellent doesn't really apply as it did give me some inconvenience and stress. Overall I must say I have never before encountered a more friendly, dedicated and helpful customer service/staff than I have here with Scribbr. It was a real pleasure, despite everything, and I would therefore recommend Scribbr if you need help with essays or any other documents.

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Oliver Rossmannek 4 desember 2019

Great service!

Great service!

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MarcT 3 desember 2019

This is my second time using Scribbr…

This is my second time using Scribbr for my academic papers. Again I am impressed by the value I received and the amount of care that Lora, the editor, took in improving on my language and commenting on the logic of my argument. I will certainly continue to use Scribber as I complete my thesis.

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Krysta Gleeson 2 desember 2019

doctoral edits

While editing my proposal for my doctoral study, I was at a roadblock in terms of my editing skills. I needed a proofreader/grammar edit in the worst way. Scribbr paired me with a wonderful, thorough editor and I was able to submit my proposal to my chair for review with better confidence than I have in the past. I will surely return! Thank you!!!

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Simon 2 desember 2019

Everything was fine

Everything was fine

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Mariam Al-Naser 2 desember 2019

Professional work

Professional work , on time , fast reply , thank you very much

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Kate Goldberg 28 november 2019

Dissertation review

Dissertation review: very constructive I asked for proof reading and clarity feedback on my dissertation. It was reviewed by two editors and they not only improved my paper but also provided constructive feedback. They explained their changes so I would learn in the future and asked good questions. I really appreciated the work and will be sending it back again before submitting the final version for my defense. Thank you!

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khaled alahmadi 26 november 2019

Great service and professional

Great service and professional

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Staci Ford 26 november 2019


My editor was fabulous and exceeded my expectations in many ways! I should have used this service earlier in my dissertation process because I learned so much through the editor’s work. Very high quality!!

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seldere 25 november 2019

Amazing service

Amazing service, very helpful team.

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Elizabeth 23 november 2019

Great for international students!

Scribbr is an excellent service for international students, which really helps to deal with the nuances and specific features of English writing. The individual approach and comprehensive comments provided by the editor are lucid and helpful. I recommend the service!

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Francesco Zoffoli 21 november 2019

Both writers were very good

Both writers were very good

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Rebekah 20 november 2019

Worth it!

Great service! I will definitely be using again!

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Abdul 15 november 2019

Excellent service

Excellent service and reasonable price. I was short in time and received really quality service from Scibbr in very short time-frame. Many thanks for Tim, for his useful feedback and advice. I will use this service again and I do highly recommend it to other PhD/Masters student.

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Peter 15 november 2019

Very good

Professional, responsible and impressive editing work with well qualified follow-up service.

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Ehsan Daneshvar 14 november 2019

Excellent service by Scribbr

If you have a document that you need English check/proofreading before submission, I strongly recommend Scribbr team. According to my experience, I can say that they are professional and sincere in their work. They also respect too much your time and return your order on time.

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