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Tiger 25 november 2021

An Excellent Job

I just had another assignment proofread with all the add-ons. I must say that Ben is outstanding with his editing and feedbacks, comments, etc., and I'm really learning from him too. I wonder when I will be able to write without so many mistakes. Although there are some issues with the referencing, I don't fault them as even the same referencing are different in different universities so I'm not too concern as knowing Scribbr, they will correct/revise them effectively for me. As such, I can safely give them 6 stars.

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Emily 23 november 2021

A pleasant paper improvement service

The team is very professional and the job they have done was detailed and serious. Hope to cooperate again.

Les anmeldelser om Trustpilot
Dan 23 november 2021

Overall a quite good experience

Overall a quite good experience. The comments were helpful and helped me improve the academic language, structure, and clarity of my writing. Suggestions were left for confirmation or dismissal. Due to a technical glitch in merging documents on the editor's end, the citation review had to be redone before I could use it. Then however the results were absolutely within expectations. Most importantly, once given deadlines were held.

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Jan Hoffmann 23 november 2021

Very thorough Proofreadingservice.

Very thorough Proofreadingservice.

Les anmeldelser om Trustpilot
LaTasha Woodard 21 november 2021

Great service

I used the citation editing service; it was very helpful. I know there's several citation generators out there, but it's always good to have a live person check your work. Will use this service in the future.

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Laurent Mushi 19 november 2021

It's true helpful to ask Scribbr to…

It's true helpful to ask Scribbr to proof read and edit your document! I really appreciate it and plan to make more deal with you tomorrow!

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Marti 19 november 2021

My experience

Very kind team, very easy service, very competent and professional editor, and perhaps, an improvable correction interface. I think pdf correction tools offer an enhanced user-editor experience than microsoft word ones.

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Guy Novik 18 november 2021

Great service

The service was provided on time and delivered some great suggestions for improvements

Les anmeldelser om Trustpilot
Harry Xu 18 november 2021


Omg thank you SO much to Scribbr for help. I would DIE if I had to cite something in MLA format 18 times. It’s so helpful, would definitely recommend it! They fill in everything except for the website for you! SO helpful - can't express my gratitude for it! It's free and convenient! (lol now i dont have to manually do everything and watch billie eilish ads for 30secs to continue) ~Student

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Lars Mandelkow 15 november 2021


Great, fast service!

Les anmeldelser om Trustpilot
Sherry 14 november 2021

Wonderful experience of proofreading &…

Wonderful experience of proofreading & editing! Scribbr is user-friendly, and the proofreading & editing and plagirism checker services are of high quality. Ready to explore more services. Thanks a lot for the help from the expert. Truly benefit a lot from their opinions. I'll recommend Scribbr to more classmates and friends.

Les anmeldelser om Trustpilot
Gloria 14 november 2021

Very good help.

Very good help.

Les anmeldelser om Trustpilot
Sarah Simon 12 november 2021

Really improved my writing

Really improved my writing

Les anmeldelser om Trustpilot
Tiger 11 november 2021

Very Professional Service

Very Professional Service I requested for some checking as I thought that some sentences and words didn't gave the correct meaning. I did revised the conclusion as I was told that it was weak. They told me to raise another order for them to take a look. So forget it. I started to source for alternative proofreaders. Anyway, other works by them were good. 16/11/2021 Sorry for the late Update. Scribbr responded immediately within an hour of my post. We had a good discussion and they were agreeable to what I have stated. We came to an amiable solution although I think it is too generous of them. But whatever initial "grievances" (for lack of a better word) I had, I cannot deny the fact that Scribbr is very good in their work and I seriously haven't found any other company that I would go to.

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Anonymous User 9 november 2021

Awesome and thorough editing

Awesome and thorough editing! Thank you for the feedback & help. 🤓

Les anmeldelser om Trustpilot
Marianna Licking 8 november 2021

Final Paper Proofing Pros

I asked the team at Scribbr to give my Comp Exam Paper a final look for grammar, punctuation, format, and citing. The provided me with no less than3 knowledgeable people who together tightened up a paper and gave me the confidence to turn in paper days early! I have every confidence that with their help I have produced not only a good paper but one that will see my master's degree conferred. Thank you Scribbr Team!

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Spencer 7 november 2021


The proofreading service has been nothing but exceptional for me. The proofreader has made a great amount of corrections and he also gave me very helpful comments. Can't recommend them enough!

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Thịnh Nguyễn 3 november 2021

More than perfect

As an econ student, I have to write too many articles, essays, assignments, or whatever. Since I found Scribbr, it helped me a lot from an academic perspective. I've learned through every single topic. And I'm so grateful to have Scribbr as a web, tutor for me in the university/academic road. <3

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RGReen 2 november 2021

Excellent free citation generator

While I am not a paid subscriber, I regularly use Scribbr's free APA citation generator to properly format literature references in my student papers. The APA style manual is a huge book- and difficult to navigate and master. So I much prefer Scribbr for formatting. They use the latest APA Publication Manual edition. Every once in a while you stumble upon an honest smart resource that is easy to use- Scribbr is exactly that, and they and their developers deserve serious kudos.

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T. Bakker 30 oktober 2021

A great service with great quality

I've used the services of Scribbr now for the second time for an article as a Ph.D. student. I'm delighted with the results. I've noticed my paper reads much better, and I received compliments from the editors on the quality of the writing. The feedback of Scribbr is quick, precise, kind, and careful. I can recommend it to everyone who is not a native English speaker.

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